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Gallery – Reviews

“This is the ultimate mahjong computer game. There are a few gimmicks, like the voices and the pictures of your friends you can use, but in the first place this is a piece of software that can do almost (almost?) anything. Whoever wants to train himself will find this game to be the ideal (and quite strong) sparring partner.”

– Martin Rep, Mahjong News – The Independent Internet Mahjong Newspaper 

More reviews related to version 2.0 will be published later on this page.

Here are extracts of reviews of the version 1.0 that was initially released in June 1997.

“Though gameplay is well balanced and highly entertaining, especially for those with a predilection for card games, what really sets Four Winds apart from the competition is the excellent interface and keen attention to detail. It's professional in every sense of the word, from gorgeous graphics and moody audio to extensive features and solid gameplay…
…For mah-jongg the way the Chinese intended it to be played, you simply won't find a better game than Four Winds anywhere.”

– C|net Shareware Gold July 97

“Four Winds Mah Jong is a fantastic tile game in the traditional Chinese style. Four Winds gives you the option of customizing many of the rules and enables you to change the game from one of chance to a strategic challenge.

– – The graphics, music and sound are fantastic and enhance this wonderful game greatly.

– – If you enjoy traditional Mah Jong, then Four Winds will make an excellent addition to your PC games."

– David Katski, Rocket Download

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