Arto Tenkanen (Lagarto) – program design, coding and documentation
Jaana Jäntti (Lagarto) – assistance in graphical and color design of the new Four Winds 2 themes
Jukka Aalto (Armadillo Graphics) – graphical design of the Four Winds Classic and Bauhaus themes
Timo Seppänen – intro and MIDI music

Theme specific credits and copyright information can be accessed by choosing About theme on the Themes option page of the Preferences dialog box.

The documentation and rule variations are based on numerous different sources, both printed and available on the Internet only. For more information, check the related topics below. 


We would like to thank all our beta testers for valuable feedback and for encouraging us in our work. Thanks especially to Alan Kwan for letting us implement the Zung Jung Mah Jong and for sharing his knowledge of modern Asian Mah Jong, K.F. Lin for allowing us to publish the Wilmington Advanced 12-Tile rules and for thoroughly testing these rules, Martin and Jelte Rep for their kind help in the implementation of the Dutch rules and for their excellent work at International Mahjong News for making Mah Jong more known in the Western world, Jim May for his brilliant Mahjong Museum and for letting us use his scans of old tile sets, Japanese Mahjong Museum for sending us the rule book for Chinese Official rules, Ryan Morris for his comments and helping us testing the Chinese Official Rules, Sangchol Sheen for introducing the Korean rules, Bertrand Le Roy for his help with the French rules, Franz-Dietrich Frhr. v. Recum for helping us in implementation of the German rules, Trevor Denniss for his generous help in revising the documentation, Peter Douthwright and Alan Webb for clarifying and testing the British rules, Francesco Barral del Balzo for insightful comments and testing the IMS, MMM, Italian and Japanese rules, Todd Fast for comments on the user interface and for improving the implementation of user-defined themes, Thomas McCullock, Vladas Karalius, Øystein Bech Gadmar, Matt Amis, Giuliano Zorzi, Gary Axelson, Daniel Jacobs, Brice Allenbrand, Angela Mong and Andrea Weissenseel for their many comments and thorough testing.

Thanks to P.E. King for PC Mahjong (Version 2.0, © ProCon Software, 1986) for giving the initial idea.

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