Troubleshooting – Cannot start a multiplayer game

If you have problems with starting a multiplayer game, please do the following to check that DirectX is correctly installed on all computers participating in the game.

  1. It is highly recommendable (especially when playing over TCP/IP) that all participating players use the same version of DirectX. The minimum version needed is DirectX 6. You can check the version number of DirectX by running DirectX Diagnostic Tool. To start the diagnostic tool, click the Start button on the Windows taskbar, choose Run, and type dxdiag.exe in the Open box, then click OK. The version number is displayed on the System tab of the tool.
    Note: On Windows NT, choose Programs>Command Prompt instead of the Run command, and on Windows 2000/Windows XP, choose Programs>Accessories>Command prompt instead of the Run command. Then type dxdiag.exe at the command prompt and press ENTER.
  2. To test that there are no conflicting DirectX files in the system, run DirectX Diagnostic Tool (see above), then activate the DirectX Files tab and check that no problems are reported.
  3. To test that DirectPlay component of DirectX is correctly installed, run DirectX Diagnostic Tool (see above), then activate the Network tab and check that no problems are reported.
  4. On the Network tab of DirectX Diagnostic Tool click the Test DirectPlay button. In the DirectPlay Test dialog box, type your name in the User Name box, choose the desired service provider from the list (choose here the same provider that caused you problems when trying the connection from within Four Winds), and make sure that the Create New Session radio button is selected (you can also specify a session name, if you wish).
    Ask the player who had problems connecting to a multiplayer game perform the same test but instead of creating a new session, join an existing session by choosing Join Existing Session radio button. 
    If you run the DirectPlay test over the Internet, the hosting player must send the joining player(s) his current IP address
  5. Perform the test again, but now as a joining player (ask the other player to act as a host).
  6. If DirectPlay test works correctly, you should be able to make the connection from within Four Winds without problems. If the test fails, all participating players should re-install DirectX (preferably the same version).

In addition, please check the following:

  1. If you play over the Internet, please check that the connection problems are not related to use of a firewall. For more information, see the FAQ topic How to configure a firewall to enable playing Four Winds over the Internet? 
  2. If you play over the Internet, and you are the host, please make sure that you have sent all joining player's your current IP address.
  3. If you play over the Internet, please check that the hosting player really has an IP address that can be used by other players to connect to the Internet. For more information, see the FAQ article Why my IP address is not visible to other players.
  4. If you play over LAN using the TCP/IP protocol, please note that the joining players should leave the IP address field empty, when the system asks the host's IP address (local IP addresses are found automatically).

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