Overview of multiplayer games

Four Winds version 2 supports multi-player games over the Internet (TCP/IP), local area network (TCP/IP or IPX/SPX), modem or serial cable. Up to four human players and 10 spectators can participate in the game (with direct connection via modem or serial cable only two human players are supported).

One of the players acts as a host. The host informs the other players of the game events and only the host can save a game. Notice however, that if the host leaves the game, another player will take the host's place (note that this may cause problems in a game that is played over the Internet, since there are certain requirements for the computer of the hosting player).

All players participating in the game must use the same communication channel (e.g., it is not possible that one player communicates through TCP/IP and another through IPX/SPX or modem).

The features that are specific to a multiplayer game:

To start a multiplayer game, choose Start a multiplayer game command on the Game menu. A wizard guides you through the steps needed to establish a network connection.

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