Four Winds Rule Collection Chinese Classical

4. Miscellaneous rules

The following rules can be considered optional.

4.1 Penalties

The etiquette for correct drawing and claiming of tiles may vary, as may the consequences for violating the etiquette. Basically the irregularities which have no effect on other players should have no consequences in friendly games. To avoid confusion, the players should agree on the etiquette and penalties before beginning the game.

In the following some common practices are listed:

4.2 Insurance penalties

Players often agree on applying insurance penalties for irresponsible discards, that is, for dangerous discards that let another player go out on a big hand (this is often called "letting off a canon").

Insurance penalties are normally applied for the following hands:

Note that letting another player rob a Kong that involves a dangerous tile is considered the same as discarding a dangerous tile, and accordingly penalized in the same way.

Claiming a dangerous discard for a Kong does not result in applying insurance penalties (since in this case a player already had that dangerous set completed as a concealed Pung promoting this set into a melded Kong does not necessarily bring the hand any closer to winning).

A player can declare "No Choice", if he has no other choice than making a dangerous discard. In this case he must expose his hand temporarily, and he will not be penalized for making a dangerous discard.

A player who is liable for "letting off a canon" must pay for all losers (that is, not only for himself, but also for the other two players). In addition, there is no settlement among losers.

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