Starting a multiplayer game – Joining a session in progress

When you join a multiplayer game, you are presented with a treeview list of Four Winds sessions in progress.

To display the details of a session, double click its icon. The list displays the names of the players (separate icons for human and computer players), and spectators, if any. The rules, the number of the current deal and the status of the game (whether the host waits players for a new game or a saved game, whether new players are accepted or not, if the game is in progress, etc.) are displayed below the treeview list.

In order to join a session, specify the following information and then click the Finish button.

Notice that the Finish button is enabled only if the information you have provided is valid.

There are several reasons which may result in the Finish button being disabled:

After you have specified valid information and clicked the Finish button, Four Winds initializes the game and begins to wait for the host to deliver the game data.

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