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Features – Tile Sets

Each theme comes with a default tile set which is specifically designed for it but you can replace the default tile set with an alternative tile set.

The alternative tile sets include e.g. three large display tile sets for ultimate legibility designed to be used with Four Winds, Four Winds Classic and Bauhaus themes, as well as a traditional tile set for each theme that uses a non-traditional tile set (e.g., Egypt or Prehistoric). In addition, the package includes several general purpose traditional tile sets – some scanned, some manually drawn – to be used with e.g. user-defined themes.

Example of a traditional tile set designed to replace the native tiles in the “Egypt” theme.

You can also use your own tile sets – Four Winds can use virtually any tile layout, as long as the graphics is saved as a Windows bitmap and meets certain basic requirements.

Note that the use of alternative tile bitmaps requires that you run the game in 16-bit color mode, or better.!

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