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This page contains links to desktop setup packages (designed to be installed with ActiveSync). If you prefer to download .CAB setup packages directly to your Pocket PC, please go to the download page of our site that is designed for the Pocket PC.

A. Complete Program Package Version 1.08
  • Full package to be installed from the desktop PC
    File size: 2,047 KB / Date: April-06-2005 Download now
    To see what has changed, check the version history below.
  • VGA version (.CAB File) for VGA devices running Windows Mobile 2003 SE
    File size: 4,016 KB / Date: January-03-2006 Download now
    NOTE: This version cannot be installed on any other operating system than Windows Mobile 2003 SE (and there is no point in trying since there is nothing new in this version for earlier OS versions). Do not try to install it on a non-VGA device!
    Release notes
  • VGA version (.CAB File) for VGA devices running Windows Mobile 2005
    File size: 4,016 KB / Date: January-03-2006 Download now
    NOTE: This version is also ONLY for VGA devices. This is otherwise identical with the Windows Mobile 2003 SE version, but it only supports the official Windows Mobile 2005 VGA mode (and not so called "true VGA" mode).
    Release notes

B. Language modules
  • Finnish language module (User interface and documentation) Desktop setup package
    File size: 394 KB / Date: April-06-2005 Download now

Version history

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  • April-06-2005 Version 1.08
    • Fixed bugs:
      1. Fixed an error related to loading of PNG image resources, resulting in wasting of memory during long game sessions. This might appear as high-score or statistics files getting corrupted, problems in changing themes, etc.
  • February-04-2005 Version 1.07
    • Fixed bugs:
      1. Fully concealed hands where double Chows of the same suit followed each other (like B223344 556677) were not recognized as legal winning hands.
      2. Fixed an error related to random number generator. Because of the error it was possible (even if very rare) that the tile sequence of the Wall was identical between two deals.
    • Other features:
      1. The test version 1.07v for VGA devices running Windows Mobile 2003 SE released. The version is available for registered users.
  • September-26-2004 Version 1.06
    • Fixed bugs:
      1. Fixed an error in the user interface on the Themes tab which made it difficult to specify a custom sound file for a sound event.
      2. The link to Four Winds Help file, when accessed via the Start menu's Help command, was broken (did not take into account the language identifier).
    • Other changes:
      1. Added support for using player specific sound files for the sound events Chow, Pung, Kong, Pair and Ready. To enable the feature, specify first a customized sound file for an event (e.g., "Chow.wav" for the Chow event), and then provide in the same folder sound files with postfixes enumerated from 1 to 4.  E.g., if "Chow.wav" is specified as the custom sound, you would place files called "Chow1.wav", "Chow2.wav", "Chow3.wav" and "Chow4.wav" in the same folder where "Chow.wav" resides.
  • February-13-2004 Version 1.05
    • Fixed bugs:
      1. There was a memory overflow error related to check of user name information (even when playing with an unregistered version) that on some devices caused system lockup at the launch of the program (especially on subsequent launches).
  • February-02-2004 Version 1.04
    • Fixed bugs:
      1. Scoring for Limit hands was displayed incorrectly (the deal was finished correctly but nonsense scoring would be displayed, and the hand was said to have ended in a faulty declaration of out).
      2. Fixed several screen painting errors related to declarations of promoted Kongs, when a player had at least 3 sets already melded.
  • October-09-2003 Version 1.03
    • Fixed bugs:
      1. Fixed memory overflow errors related to displaying of pie graphs and corrected an error in displaying percentual wins and average winnings for the game in progress (in the Points dialog box) .
      2. Software button assignment feature was accidentally removed from version 1.02. Sorry!
      3. Fixed a minor paint error in the Points dialog box, occurring when Hong Kong rules were used.
      4. The New Game dialog box was frozen on the screen on some systems after opening  and closing the rules list. 
  • September-19-2003 Version 1.02
    • Fixed bugs:
      1. Fixed an error that would result in illegal instruction or failed program initialization, if the PocketPC user name did not contain a space character. 
  • August-27-2003 Version 1.01
    • Fixed bugs:
      1. Fixed an error in the statistics. When statistics were saved first time for a rule preset, all players were mistakenly marked as winners of the deal. 
  • August-10-2003 Version 1.00
    • Initial release.


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