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Q: Where should I enter the registration information I received?
A: If Four Winds is not yet running, start it by tapping the Windows Start button, Programs, Games and Four Winds Mah Jong. After Four Winds is started, choose Register on the ? menu (tap the upward triangle on the right of the ? menu to open the pop-up menu). 

If you have not installed Four Winds on your system yet, please download the setup packet first and install the game.

Q: My registration number is not working.
A: Note that both fields in the Registration dialog box are case sensitive. Please enter the registration information exactly as it appears in the registration leaflet (or message you received after having registered your version).

Q: The setup program tells me that I can only install with administrator privileges but when I do so, I get an error message from Microsoft ActiveSync (CEAPPMGR.EXE) that says: "The application failed to initialize properly. Click on OK to terminate the application."
A: You probably have logged on with user or power user privileges and have run the setup program by using temporarily another account with administrator privileges (via the Run As... feature of Windows XP or 2000). Instead of doing so, please dlog off and log on again with an account with administrator privileges, connect the Pocket PC as a "Guest" and re-run the setup program.

Q: The game does not allow me to customize the rules even if I have registered the program.
A: Please quit the ongoing game, if applicable, then choose Preferences on the File menu and choose "Customized" from the Rules list.

Q: Why should I register the program?
A: To be able to play complete games and save your games. And first of all, because it is the right thing to do, rewards us for doing a good job and encourages us to continue the development!

Q: The game is too fast (the discards disappear too soon).
A: You can specify the discard delay (the time a discarded tile stays visible in the discard slot) on the General tab of the Preferences dialog box. 
If you set the value to 0, the discard timer is disabled, in which case the program waits for your response each time a tile is discarded (tap the discarded tile to claim it, or tap the game board to indicate that you do not want it).
Note too that you can use the navigation button instead of the stylus: to claim a tile, press the action button (middle button). 
You can also tap the Pause button (coffee cup icon) on the toolbar to pause the game.

Q: The game is too slow (I do not want to wait for 5 seconds each time a computer player discards a tile).
A: Note too that you can accelerate the game by tapping anywhere on the game board or by pressing the up navigation button. This signals that you do not want to claim the tile and releases the discarded tile immediately from the discard slot. 
You can also decrease the discard delay (the time a discarded tile stays visible in the discard slot) on the General tab of the Preferences dialog box. 

Q: Why is there a few second’s pause after I have discarded a tile and before the tile disappears from the discard slot?
A: By default Four Winds allows you undo your last discard. Undoing is performed by clicking the discarded tile while it is visible in the discard slot. You can accelerate the game by clicking on the game board – that releases the tile immediately. On the other hand, if you do not wish to use the undo feature, you can turn it off by clearing the Allow undo box on the General tab of the Preferences dialog box.

Q: I find constant game messages in a message box disturbing. 
A:  Choose Show Messages on the Options menu to clear the check mark beside the command. Now most of the game messages are suppressed.

Q: I keep on getting identical hands between deals.
A: Please check that your system clock works and is set to the correct date (if the clock is stopped or set to a distant future date – e.g. to year 2083 – the program's random number generator does not work correctly, resulting in identical hands).

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