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In design of Four Winds Mah Jong special attention was paid to playability, graphics and atmosphere. We also wanted to create a true Pocket PC application that uses the common Pocket PC shell  so that the user can easily switch to other tasks when needed, and equally easily come back and continue the game. We hope that you find the combination enjoyable!

Another main goal was in creating a full-fledged Pocket PC application instead of a mere port. Four Winds Mah Jong for Pocket PC fully supports all features of  the desktop version 1.x, but many features have been completely re-designed for the Pocket PC environment. We also added some features, e.g. snapshot (auto-save), statistics and top 50 hands and games, that were initially available only in the Pocket PC version (but are now supported also in the desktop version).

The Pocket PC version comes with five themes (alternative graphics schemes) that are based on the themes of the 2.x desktop version. 

In the future we plan to implement multiplayer support for the Pocket PC version and add support for certain modern rules.

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