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Gallery – User Comments

We took a liberty to publish some of the comments we have received during the years. Your feedback has been invaluable and it has really encouraged us, thank you all!

  • ” I think you have made the best MJ game there is to play on the PC.”
  • ”My wife and I both think it's an excellent piece of software: it's very slick, user-friendly and has a really nice feel to it. It's also very addictive. Certainly, it's one of the best games that we've ever come across. Thanks to everyone involved!” 
  • "We spent many happy hours playing with my father and mother-in law who had lived in the Orient for many years and taught their daughter and myself. We have several sets and have taught our own family and some friends who all find the game fascinating (but time-consuming). Your help files are very good."
  • "Just wanted to let you know we absolutely love the game and are anxiously awaiting the final version. My son downloaded it for me when I was visiting in SF and I then downloaded it when I got home. My sister also downloaded it and I made copies of the files and sent them to my Mother (who is 83 years old). I then walked my 85 year old father through the steps of copying the files and setting up the icon and he informs me my mother plays 1-1/2 hours a day!!"
  • "We truly enjoy your game! Great Job! This software is great! Already our daughter is enjoying it and has suggested that we create a sign up sheet for computer time – of course, she has stated that she would get to fill in her time selections first."
  • "Amazing game...LOVE IT!!!!"
  • "Marvelous computer version of a game I play for 25 years now."
  • ” Very nice and well done program. My compliments.”
  • ” I'm addicted.”
  • ” Great game, gotta run I think I hear a kong or two beckoning me.”
  • ” Very good implementation of the original game concept.”
  • ” The graphics are great.”
  • ” Helen sure wins an awful lot. Are you sure that she does not cheat?”
  • ” I may never leave my computer now!”
  • ” …it's like tetris in the beginning: 'just one more game, and then…' Next time you look up it's dark outside and you're very hungry.”
  • ” You have a well thought out product from graphics, through playability, to the helpful scoring system. May all your endeavors show such thoroughness. Good luck.”
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