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Four Winds is based on traditional Chinese board game for four players. The origins of Mah Jong can be traced back to set-forming card and domino games played for centuries in China, but in its present form the game has been played only for about a hundred years. Mah Jong was introduced to America and Europe in the 1920s and is now popular all over the world.

Mah Jong is usually played by four players. In Four Winds a human player has three computer opponents. You can select your opponents from four different types of players: Beginner, Defensive, Expert and Limitmaker

Since the game is played all over the world, there are several variations of the rules and scoring. Four Winds Pocket PC version supports the most common variations based on the classical game: Chinese Classical (labeled European Contemporary), Japanese Official and Hong Kong Mah Jong.. The game comes with eight  pre-defined rule presets, which the user can customize in many ways and save as user-defined rule presets.

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