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Downloads Optional Modules

A. Support package for older Windows operating systems

If you have Windows 95, 98 or Windows Me, the standard 4Winds2.exe that comes with version 2.10q or later will not probably run on your system because these systems do not internally support GDI+ graphics used by the latest versions of Four Winds.

To fix the problem, you can download a setup package below which includes the 4Winds2.exe that replaces the current file of the same name. Download the file, launch it and specify the destination folder where you have installed Four Winds (the default is C:\Program Files\4Winds2), and click OK. This way you can enjoy all new features of the latest version also on older Windows operating systems.

  • Executable for Windows 95/98/Me (download first any of the standard setup packages, and after having installed it, download and install this support package.
    File size: appr. 1.4 MB / Date: February-10-2022 (Version 2.22) Download now 
    Note: Do not install if you have Windows XP, 2000 or any later Windows operating system.
  • Alternatively, you can download a support package that installs the missing gdiplus.dll file in your Four Winds Mahjong program folder (the default is C:\Program Files\4Winds2). This allows you to use the standard excecutable so the special build mentioned above is not needed.
    File size: appr. 1.3 MB / Version: 5.2.6002.22509 Download now 
    Note: Do not install if you have Windows XP, 2000 or any later Windows operating system.

NOTE: The package is available to registered users of version 2.x only. If you have registered version 2.x but do not have the required download password, or if your password has expired, please contact technical support to have it sent by e-mail. If you have not registered, you can download a test version from the section C.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that your ISP or spam mail filter does not block e-mail from or addresses since support e-mail normally proceeds from these domain names (and not necessarily from If you do not receive e-mail you have been asking, please check your e-mail settings (and more specifically, if our mail is in your spam mail box).


B. Other optional modules

There are no other modules available currently. All language modules are included in all setups, and alternative locally installable HTML help is no longer available. If you cannot use the Microsoft HTML Help (.chm files), you can access the online HTML documentation from within Four Winds Help menu.

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