Rule presets

American Modern

This rule preset represents the Modern American Mah Jong, where certain restrictions are applied on the winning hand. Generally the rules are very similar to the Australian rules (e.g., the winning hand may not contain mixed suits nor more than 1 Chow), but there are some features that are characteristically American: Charleston, the use of kitty (though not enabled in the default rule preset), and the use of 4 jokers. The emphasis is on collecting special hands.

Several very different versions are played in the United States. E.g., the Mah Jong rules of the National Mah Jongg League have abandoned Chows altogether and allow Quints (five identical tiles). In addition, all acknowledged hands are irregular and change yearly. Though Four Winds lets you customize many of the rules the current version does not allow you to specify changes as radical as these.
Tiles 144 (Flowers and Seasons) + 4 jokers
Initial points 10,000
Limit points 500 (for losers, applied to difference of scores between two players)
Restrictions for the winning hand Prohibition of mixed suits (except in Limit hands requiring mixed suits and certain other Limit and Special hands), Maximum number of Chows 1 (except in Limit and special hands)
Claiming rules for going out Player first in turn wins
Passing of the deal When non-dealer wins
Rule of Ready None
Dead hand rules None
Payment Between all players; Chinese Classical
Discards In random order, no extended discard information
Specialties Jokers, Charleston with Ding Dong, no Dead Wall
Scoring Standard
Basic tile points Standard + 2 points for terminal pairs and ordinary wind pairs. Losers are paid the same as the winner.
Scores for basic sets Standard. Losers are paid the same as the winner.
Scores for Flowers and Seasons Non-standard: in addition to normal 4 points for each Flower and Season and 1 double for player's own Flower or Season, 1 double is paid for the Flower or Season of the Round, and 1,000 points (instead of 3 doubles) are paid for having all Flowers or all Seasons. Losers are paid the same as the winner.
Scores for patterns based on Chows None
Scores for patterns based on Pungs and Kongs None
Scores for patterns based on the whole hand Concealed hand (last tile discarded) (1 dbl), Fully concealed hand (1 dbl), One suit with Honors (1 dbl), One suit only (3 dbls). Losers are paid the same as the winner (contrary to Australian rules, hands do not need to be ready to earn scores).
Scores for miscellaneous patterns 2 points for making a Pung, Kong or Chow from East's first discard. Losers are paid the same as the winner.
Bonus for winning Winning (20 pts), Out on a supplement tile ( 1 dbl), Out by robbing a Kong (1 dbl).
Rounding Rounding up to nearest ten before doubles; for losers, the rounding is done after calculating the scoring difference.
Penalties Faulty out: The offender pays Limit to each of the other players, East does not pay/receive double (deal passes if the offender is East); Faulty claims: None; Insurance penalties: None
Limit hands Classical with the following exceptions: All Green, Hidden Treasure, Little Four Winds and impure version of Nine Dragons not acknowledged, Big Four Winds and Thirteen Orphans pay 200%; Serpents: Great Snake (melded sets allowed, 50% of Limit, double if concealed), Run, Pung and a Pair, Wriggling Snake and Peking Garden (all 100%); Pairs: Seven pairs (50%), All Honor Pairs (100%), All Terminal Pairs (100%), All One Suit Pairs (100%), All Terminal and Honor pairs (100%), One Suit and Honor Pairs (100%); in addition, jewel hand versions (see American hands) of seven pairs each paying 100%; Note: Identical pairs are allowed in all 7-pairs hands; Special ways of going out: Heavenly hand (200%), Earthly hand (50%); American hands: All hands except Lily of Valley, Red Lily and Terminal Gates enabled and pay 100% of the Limit, but the following pay 200%: Imperial Jade, Imperial Pearl, Imperial Ruby, Down You Go, Up You Go, Numbers Racket, Double Numbers, Gone With the Wind, Christmas, Civil War; Miscellaneous: Windy Chows (50%), Windy Dragons (200%), Knitting (50%), Gertie's Garter (100%), Triple Knitting (50%; the pair must be of different suits). Losers: No scoring for uncompleted special hands (but normal scoring for constituent parts of the hand).

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